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Life is easier when you let Conceptos Efectivos take care of your purified water needs

We Care About You

Who needs the hassle of chasing bottled water companies to deliver their water to you, finding space to store the bottles and someone to lift them onto dirty, old bottled water coolers? Then you have the huge electricity bills caused by the inefficient old coolers and the unexpected charges from complicated bills. And who knows when the next price increase will be for your bottled water?

We have an easier, healthier and greener way to help you. We use the most advanced water purifying equipment in the world to purify your water as you need it in your office so it’s always fresh and pure with the minimum of fuss. Our fixed monthly service fee never changes for the length of your contract, which you can decide.

Then our trained and experienced friendly staff use a custom built ERP system to program regular servicing of your equipment when it’s needed and are always available whenever you have a question.

All our clients can access our ERP system at anytime to see their service history, invoicing and scheduled servicing so you always have direct access to all the information available about the service we are providing.

Always here for you

Customer Care

We want to exceed your expectations in every way possible.

That means being available whenever you have a question of any kind.  It means you’ll receive the fastest response from our service team, the most accurate answers from our staff and personal attention from everyone at Conceptos Efectivos whenever you have a question that needs an answer.

Life is easier when you let Conceptos Efectivos take care of your purified water needs.

Certified & Re-Certified


Open Data System

IT Systems

Customer Care


IT Systems

Our technical team is managed by a fully qualified engineer with over 10 years experience managing large teams.

Every technician that services our equipment is trained and certified  through our comprehensive training program which includes a supervised examination. Technicians then need to be re-certified every year by successfully retaking an exam.

They are trained to be able to deal with the most complicated of installations, repair and service our equipment.

We use the most advanced custom designed ERP system in the industry  to enable us to provide you with the best possible service. All service reports are logged on our system and all clients get access to data relating to their equipment, including analysis tools, so that you can see and understand exactly how we are servicing and managing your equipment.

We strongly believe in an open system so that our clients can have complete confidence in the service we provide.

Me permito recomendar a la empresa Conceptos Efectivos y a los productos por su calidad y servicio

Dr. Javier Cámara Patrón

Most advanced technology



We provide some of the best equipment available in the world to purify and then serve your business water needs.

With our service you’ll be able to enjoy an unlimited supply of freshly purified water either cold or hot where you need it and when you need it served to you from stylish and modern equipment.

We use the most advanced technology available to purify your water and then keep it clean and pure until you need it.

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