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We have the solution

Unlimited purified water

No investment needed

Easy billing

Lower electricity bills

No heavy lifting

No storage space needed

From broken taps to dirty tanks, noisy compressors and high electricity bills, running out of water when the delivery truck doesn’t show up and corridors cluttered with bottles of water.
With bottled water you pay a lot of money for a lot of problems!
And in the end why do you do it? You buy the bottled water because you think it’s a healthier and safer alternative to tap water, which might be true when it leaves the bottled water factory but it almost certainly isn’t by the time the bottle has been handled by dozens of grubby hands and put on top of a dirty old bottled watercooler.
Bottled water companies often give you a bottled watercooler free of charge but because they don’t get paid for it they find the cheapest ones that they can and keep them for as many years as they can. They are often very inefficient and consume copious amounts of electricity, even more so because they need a hole in the tank to
put the bottle. It’s like leaving your fridge door open 24 hours per day, imagine how much electricity that would use. But why do they need to worry about that? After all, it’s your electricity, not there's.
Bottled water companies never clean the watercooler, so who does? And how often and how? When it breaks don’t expect them to come rushing out to fix it, don’t expect them to even know how to fix it or have parts to be able to fix it.
With bottled water you need to find a lot of space in your office to store the bottles, the empty ones as well as the full ones, because the bottled water company isn’t going to bring you new bottles every day. And if you run out and call them to ask for more don’t expect them to make a special trip to deliver more bottles to you. That’s too expensive, they have routes that they need to follow to try and keep their expensive delivery costs down.
So much effort, so much money and so many problems and what for? Probably dirty water delivered in a way that is dirtying the environment.
Until now no one has thought about all these problems because they didn’t know any other solution existed so they just kept ordering bottled water the same old expensive and problem laden way.
But now their is another way, this solution has swept across Europe, obliterated bottles in the USA and is doing exactly the same here in Mexico. Adios garrafones!
Many expensive bills
Running out of water
Dirty watercoolers never cleaned
No one to lift the heavy bottles
No space to store all the bottles
Damaging the environment

Always pure technology